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New Star Hotshots import Cinmeon Bowers Videos

According to reports, Cinmeon Bowers will be the import of Star Hotshots in the 2017 PBA Governors Cup.

Watch Cinmeon Bowers Highlights Video

Goodbye Marqus Blakely, Welcome Joel Wright!

Goodbye Marqus Blakely, Welcome Joel Wright!

With Star Hotshots starting the PBA Governors Cup with a 1-3 record, they let go of veteran import Marqus Blakely who will be replaced by Joel Wright, who last played for the Bakersfield Jam in the NBA D-League.

Marqus Blakely back for Governors Cup

Marqus Blakely

According to reports, Star Hotshots chose Marqus Blakely over Ricardo Ratliffe as import for the 2016 Governors Cup which starts July 15 after the 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Welcome back Denzel Bowles!

Denzel Bowles

It is now confirmed that Denzel Bowles will be the Import of Star Hotshots for the 2016 Commissioners Cup. Welcome Back Monster Bowles!

Marqus Blakely back as Purefoods Import, No Asian Import

Marquis Blakely

Marqus Blakely will be back as Purefoods Star Hotshots import in the 2015 PBA Governors Cup.

Although all teams are allowed to get an Asian Import below 6’3, Purefoods opted not to hire one.

Goodbye Daniel Orton, welcome back Denzel Bowles!

Update: Denzel Bowles was measured as 6’8 and 13/16 by the PBA and will now play as Purefoods Import against Ginebra.

Purefoods Star Hotshots has decided to let go of Daniel Orton and flew in Denzel Bowles earlier today. Denzel Bowles will be measured by the PBA later and should be not higher than 6’9 for Purefoods to use him as import.

Daniel Orton
Thank you Daniel Orton!

Denzel Bowles
Welcome back Denzel Bowles!

Import Match-up: Daniel Orton vs Al Thornton

Daniel Orton

After a 3-0 start with Marqus Blakely, Purefoods Star Hotshots will use new import Daniel Orton tomorrow against the NLEX Road Warriors. Even though NLEX is 0-2 in the 2015 PBA Commissioners Cup, Al Thornton has been playing great for the Road Warriors.

Purefoods with new Import Daniel Orton

Purefoods Star Hotshots has a new import for the 2015 PBA Commissioners Cup, Daniel Orton. But Marqus Blakely who has been practicing already with Purefoods will still play for the Hotshots for at least 2 games since the 2nd conference will start already in January 27 and Orton will be available in February 1 because he is still playing in China.

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