Next Game: B-Meg vs Petron

B-Meg Llamados vs Petron Blaze Boosters
Wednesday, July 6, 7:45pm, Araneta Coliseum

Current Standing:
B-Meg Llamados: 3 wins, 2 losses (tied for 2nd place)
Petron Blaze Boosters: 3 wins, 2 losses (tied for 2nd place)

Injury Update:
Rafi Reavis was activated and played 12 minutes in the game against TNT and might have more playing time in their next games but Jonas Villanueva maybe out of the season due to a tear on MCL and ACL. Kerby Raymundo may still play this conference but it will be at the latter part if B-Meg advances in the next round. While Petron will be missing Jay Washington.

Import Matchup:
Darnell Hinson vs Jeremy Wise, we hope Hinson will continue to play well for the Llamados and may guard Wise.

This will be a close game with B-Meg winning by 4 points, James Yap will continue to play well but the remaining Point Guards, Roger Yap and Pong Escobal must also contribute for B-Meg.

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