Welcome back, Denzel Bowles!

Denzel Bowles

After just a game, Mixers import Matt Rogers has been replaced by Denzel Bowles, who led the B-Meg Llamados last year to a championship.

Welcome back, Denzel Bowles!

3 Responses to Welcome back, Denzel Bowles!

  1. Joseph says:

    Sana 110% sya. Walang iniindang pain at still mentally prepared and focused.

  2. jon says:

    i don’t think i-cocommit ni denzel sarili
    niya kung hindi siya 100% and mentally and
    physically stable for this tournament. pero
    sana nga lang, hindi ma-injury si denzel.

  3. DenzeLBowLes says:

    All FiLiPino Naman Sa SusunoD Na Commisioner’s CuP !

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