Alaska will not protest Game 2

Purefoods TJ Giants vs Alaska Aces PBA Finals Game 2

Alaska Aces will not protest the controversial call at the end game last night. With 5.6 sec remaining in the game a foul was called on Joe Devance, which from all angles and at a crucial point in the game should have been a let go and the game should have gone to overtime. And the way Purefoods was playing in the last 6 minutes, I have no doubt Purefoods would still win the game in OT.

From Alaska Governor Joaqui Trillo:
“I really think that wasn’t a foul at a crucial point in the game, I think Purefoods would’ve wanted to earn the win. I think the win was given on a silver platter. We don’t want to complain. We don’t want to protest. We’ll take what’s given to us. I just feel bad because the guys played very well.”

9 Responses to Alaska will not protest Game 2

  1. Mike says:

    Being a Purefoods Fan, it’s sad that a classic game like Game 2 ended in a controversial call, it should have gone into overtime and Purefoods would have still won the game.

    But it was great how Purefoods came back from 14 points in the last 5 min, they deserve the win but not like this.

  2. kris says:

    i agree with u!

  3. ariel says:

    galingan nio pa !!!!

  4. its a call says:

    its a call… soft call. Weather-weather ikanga. bawian lang yan. dapat nga yung kay pingris-ferriols ala tawag eh. better luck next time.

  5. martin says: can aces protest?we own the management.stop pba!Unfair!

  6. abmus says:

    Credit the giants for not giving up…. Credit them for coming back in such a huge deficit in the fourth…Just like coach Ryan mentioned,the referees were trying to be consistent with their calls…

  7. whos! says:

    binawian lang yan

    remember noong 1996 … cariaso got 2 fts with 0.6 seconds left on a phantom foul from ravena. bawian lang

  8. jamesyak says:

    kung ako referee di ko un tatawagan ng foul. let them play in OT. PF din naman mananalo dun hehehe. kaso nga lng di ako referee. pero happy pa rin at PF nanalo.

    yaks talaga ang name.. derby aces llamados. ewww .. gosh.. kalerkey. ahahhaha

  9. zynga chips says:

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