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No more Purefoods in PBA

I have been a big fan of Purefoods since 1988, and this news is really sad for all the fans of the franchise. I have been holding this news since posting it would make it real but now it is time. Purefoods will say goodbye to the PBA, unless the new owners will buy another PBA franchise in the future (which is unlikely to happen), we will never see a Purefoods Team in the PBA.

With the new owners of Purefoods not interested in the PBA franchise, San Miguel keeps its third franchise but cannot use Purefoods anymore, they can retain the B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados but there are reports that they will use the Petron brand in the next conference.

I am still thinking of changing the name of this site as this has been known as purefoodsbasketball.com since 2008, even though the core of the team is still intact with the name change it maybe hard to support a different team name knowing it is already permanent.

Goodbye Purefoods!

Link to gmanews.tv article