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B-Meg gets Aldrech Ramos, Ponferrada, Chiu, Mabayo

2012 PBA Annual Draft
August 19, 2012

B-Meg Llamados Trades and Draft Picks
-B-Meg trades 9th pick + Val Acuna for Sean Anthony of GlobalPort
-B-Meg trades Sean Anthony + 12th pick for Aldrech Ramos (FEU) of Barako Bull (5th pick)
-B-Meg picks Jewel Ponferrada (NU) as the 13th pick
-B-Meg picks Gian Chiu (Ateneo) as the 9th pick in the 3rd round
-B-Meg picks Ramon Mabayo as the 9th pick in the 4th round

In short, B-Meg trades the 9th pick (Vic Manuel), 12th pick (Dave Marcelo) and Val Acuna for Aldrech Ramos

What do you think of the B-Meg draft picks in the 2012 PBA draft?