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San Miguel beats Alaska, Derby Ace must win tonight to force playoff

2010 PBA Fiesta Conference Elimination Round
Game Yesterday, June 26, 2010
San Miguel Beermen defeats Alaska Aces 85-74

SMB defeats Alaska to gain an upperhand in the standings with a 13 win and 5 loss. A loss by Derby Ace today vs Barako Coffee will result in San Miguel getting the last automatic semifinals slot and Derby Ace will slide down to the quarterfinals but if Derby Ace wins, San Miguel and Derby Ace will have a do or die playoff match on Wednesday to determine the no. 2 spot and get the last automatic semifinals slot along with Talk N Text.

Game Today, June 27, 2010
Derby Ace Llamados vs Barako Energy Coffee Masters
6:30pm Araneta Coliseum

Derby Ace needs to beat Barako Coffee tonight to force a do or die playoff game vs San Miguel on Wednesday, June 30, with both teams having 13 wins and 5 losses if Derby Ace wins, both have a chance to gain an outright semifinals slot. Even though Barako is at the other end of the standings, Derby Ace should not take this team lightly and give their all in their last game in the elimination round.

Crucial Game Today for San Miguel and Alaska

2010 PBA Fiesta Conference Elimination Round
San Miguel Beermen vs Alaska Aces
Saturday, June 26, 2010, 6pm – Dumaguete City

Current Standings for the last Automatic Semifinals Slot
Derby Ace 12-5
San Miguel 12-5
Alaska 11-6

Derby Ace will be cheering for Alaska in the game today to limit San Miguel to 12 wins and if Derby Ace wins their last game vs Barako Coffee on Sunday, Derby Ace gets the last automatic Semifinals slot in the current PBA Fiesta Conference.

Scenario 1: San Miguel loss, Derby Ace win – Derby Ace goes to semifinals
Scenario 2: San Miguel win, Derby Ace loss – San Miguel goes to semifinals
Scenario 3: San Miguel win, Derby Ace win – Playoff game for automatic semifinals slot
Scenario 4: San Miguel loss/Alaska win, Derby Ace loss – 3 teams tied at 12-6 ???