B-Meg gets Aldrech Ramos, Ponferrada, Chiu, Mabayo

2012 PBA Annual Draft
August 19, 2012

B-Meg Llamados Trades and Draft Picks
-B-Meg trades 9th pick + Val Acuna for Sean Anthony of GlobalPort
-B-Meg trades Sean Anthony + 12th pick for Aldrech Ramos (FEU) of Barako Bull (5th pick)
-B-Meg picks Jewel Ponferrada (NU) as the 13th pick
-B-Meg picks Gian Chiu (Ateneo) as the 9th pick in the 3rd round
-B-Meg picks Ramon Mabayo as the 9th pick in the 4th round

In short, B-Meg trades the 9th pick (Vic Manuel), 12th pick (Dave Marcelo) and Val Acuna for Aldrech Ramos

What do you think of the B-Meg draft picks in the 2012 PBA draft?

6 Responses to B-Meg gets Aldrech Ramos, Ponferrada, Chiu, Mabayo

  1. puroy says:

    getting sean anthony – sayang thats what i can say. imagine another energy guy but bmeg let go of it. though anthony is an injury prone player and getting a fresher leg (ramos) was a good move. good amateur player and experience with smart gilas is a factor. reuniting also with former teammate mark barroca

    jewel ponferrada – wrong move i think. i would rather have kelly nabong on this spot. more bigger and agile rather than ponferrada.

    gian chiu – i really want this pick. low risk, high reward. i just hope he could be developed ala sonny thoss by coach tim.

    mabayo – i dont know who this player is.

  2. leahcim says:

    uhmm akala ko sa aten n c anthony, dalawa na sana ung sakuragi natin… pero ok lang…. napunta nmn sa aten c Ramos.. magaling nmn c Ramos at alam kung makaka tulong cya ng malaki kc may shooting nmn cya at marami cyang pinakita nung nasama cya sa Smart Gilas at Maganda ang performance nya sa FEU….

    Goodluck sa Next Conference sana maganda ang mangyari…

  3. popoy says:

    is aldrech ramos’ game equivalent to sean anthony & dave marcelo?
    wrong move for being, maybe ponferada to give away no problem.
    gian chiu is a good project to work around since reavis is aging and often injured. mabayo is a tweener, short 4, slow 3, might end up practice player!

  4. jameson says:

    sayang cnu kya ang mapupuntang bagong player sa bmeg

  5. dgladiatoroo says:

    aldrich is a good addition.He’s a good post up player.pero ang kulang sa bmeg ay pg.Josh is not a legit pg`di naman consistent ang shooting,I don’t know bakit binigyan ng big minutes ni tim cone.barroca and jonas are much better

  6. buddy says:

    sna nponta nlang s b-meg c dondon para my katulong c yap

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