No Surgery for Pingris, Yap and Allado signs contract

Good news for the Derby Ace Llamados, Marc Pingris will not undergo surgery anymore but will still be in rehabilitation for his injury (muscle tear) in his right leg. This means the recovery time will be faster and Pingris might be back in action as early as December.

In other great news for B-Meg, James Yap just signed his 3-year contract worth P12.6 million while Don Allado, who stalled negotiations last week has finally signed with Derby Ace for 2 more years.

9 Responses to No Surgery for Pingris, Yap and Allado signs contract

  1. joey says:

    it’s not unusual,wala pa rin naiba…gusto namin ng pagbabago…what about mick pennissi?

  2. ANSON says:

    wala wenta c pennissi.papangit ang image ng bmeg pag kinuha c pennisi.una gulang bago shoot…

  3. joey says:

    paki update naman kami, fans we’re happy to hear a good news…complete rosters?…pls…

  4. kris says:

    hai nkoh sna wlang mtanggal s player ng bmeg, sna andun p rin ung original players.mas llong lumakas sna team nio ngayon..sna andun p dn cna james,kerby,artadi.simon,pingris,roger..ayw nmen mpsma s team bmeg c pennisi mtnda n un,,bka nga pumanget image na bmeg,mga bata p man dn players ng bmeg…gudluck s game nio.

  5. niiki says:

    sna trade allado na lang pls ..

  6. mike says:

    oo wag na lang c penissi c jay washington na lang

  7. brix says:

    mhirapan cla kc c reavis nlng maasahan n bigman,mbagl at di scorer c rommel at them for espinas

  8. brix says:

    they need a big man who can score and rebound w/ qiuckness.may outside shot,lakas ng talon at bilis at pride parang pingris na din nyo na 1st pick ng 2013 for espinas w/ allado.sure ko champinship ulit kyo ngaun

  9. el says:

    ano b kau msyado kaung maingay

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